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Wisconsin Healthcare Careers

About So Many Options.

The Wisconsin Hospital Association Foundation spearheads a statewide health care career promotion campaign to help grow the health care career pipeline by appealing to a younger audience (middle to high school aged students) and their adult influencers.

This career exploration website is a hub for health care career information, which includes:

  • reasons to pursue a career in health care, and more specifically, a Wisconsin hospital

  • many job profiles to showcase the variety of careers available and in-demand, and

  • links to additional local resources to continue exploring.

Job profile information is sourced from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Skill Explorer tool and Wisconsin Hospital Association personnel.

With questions or suggestions, contact For press inquiries, contact To promote this campaign within your organization, school district or community, contact for the promotional toolkit

photo of young female patient access representative at wisconsin hospital smiling at camera
photo of 3 smiling wisconsin hospital surgical technicians working at a computer in scrubs
photo of a food service chef in a wisconsin hospital kitchen throwing a piece of fruit in the air
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